Maternity Pillow for Back Support


Looking for a great pregnancy back support pillow? Compare the Serenity Star pillow with other maternity support pillows like the pillowband, the Snoozer, the Snoogle, or the Cozy Comfort. These are just examples. I’m sure I could just go on and on and on about other pillows for pregnant women.

So what’s so great about the Serenity Star pillow? Well for one thing it breaks up into sections. There are three sections to be exact. One for the head and two sections for the sides.


This is a really smart idea because this pregnancy support pillow can break down for easy travel. This is also a major bonus when you consider that washing a pregnancy pillow is a hard thing to do. A lot of maternity support pillows come with a pillowcase.

Another bonus about the Serenity Star is that it provides support for the back and the belly. Some pillows for pregnant women only do one or the other. But the Serenity Star does both. The bad thing about the pillow is the odd shapes that these pillows come in make it difficult to cover with a standard  pillow cover.

The Dex Wedge is an inexpensive alternative. But if you buy one then you’ll need to choose which side to support. The back or the belly.

The Snoogle is great for supporting the back. The way it is shaped allows it pull the pillow to your back. This makes it difficult to roll on your back as well as providing support. The most similar pregnancy support pillow to the Serenity Star would be the Comfort U.

The Leachco Snoogle pillow, this pillow is the most popular maternity pillow. It has many good reviews online too. My sister personally used this pillow and she loved it. Her only gripe is the pillow is really hard to wash. But it totally provide back and belly support.

It is not that expensive and you can order it on amazon or other online stores as well.  You can also read this pregnancy pillow reviews to find out more.


Honestly I think the only difference between the Comfort U and Serenity pillow is the name. I believe both break apart into sections. And both have the same shape. The Serenity Star Jr. is basically the Comfort U only smaller.

Another similar pillow is the Leachco Back and Belly. Like the Serenity pregnancy support pillow, you can get support on both sides. Like the Serenity you need to use the same pillow for neck support as for your body.

You can finally use your own pillow for neck support and you can get support for the belly and the back. The Serenity Star pregnancy support pillow comes in two sizes. The Serenity Star Full Length sells for arond $100. And the Junior length sells for $87.00.

It is made and sold by Comfort U and Moonlight Slumber. It’s confusing but I can’t see any difference between the two products. It got 4 and 5 star reviews.