Best Frisbee For Backyard

backyard frisbee

The quintessential summer activity in the United States is having a nice BBQ and throwing a frisbee. But when I want to find out who made the best frisbee for throwing in a backyard I found out that no one had any articles and videos about that online.

There were lots of videos on trickshots throwing for distance playing frisbee golf but not on which frisbee is best for the backyard and it’s kind of interesting because throwing in a backyard has certain limitations that have to be taken into account.

For example most backyards are surrounded by a six-foot fence, you don’t want to frisbee the flies too far or too fast or you’re going to lose it into your neighbor’s yard. You want one because it’s probably going to involve being used by children, you want one that throws fairly easily, is comfortable to hold and fly straight.

Because of the limitations of the size of the backyard having us frisbee that there’s all sorts of neat tricks isn’t too practical because it’s likely to again get lost over the fence or a mess up the flower beds. Thanks to Tony of Sportystation for helping me with the test. Read more about their Best Frisbee Guide Here!

So what we did is I collected all the frisbees I could find from local stores and via amazon and I purchased on and this article is going to look at testing each of these to see how they work in the backyard.

What I’m looking for is a frisbee that’s comfortable to hold easy to throw provide stable flight and pretty much this flies in a straight and level flight.

Let’s take a look at some of the selections:

wham-o frisbee

First up we have the Classic 8-inch original frisbee by Wham-O. Now these are only a dollar on walmart, they are eight inches across and a little light and the edge is a little too shallow for adults but children seem to be able to hold it well.

Now I have a problem when I throw this is in that it tends to vary flight roll over to the right and veer off. I assume thats a hitch in my throw but because I see it in virtually every frisbee I throw. What I have to do with all of these regards of the size is angle it slightly and then it tends to average out to straight flight.

It still rolls over but by the time it gets across the yard and it’s still going straight. What I wanted to do with this was to add a narrow ring of soft foam rubber to the inside to make the grip more comfortable which it does and this really makes it a much nicer.


Second, this is a more serious disc this is like nine dollars through amazon this is Discraft. Many consider this about the best frisbee. It’s a 10 incher and weighs a 175 grams, feels a little heavy in the hand but the lip is the best! This is the most comfortable frisbee to hold and the profile is slightly different.

Instead of a uniform curve that flattens out fairly quickly it has a a flat bevel and then it seems to hold the curve a little bit longer to the center. What I find with this with many of the standard size frisbees is that they tend to wobble a little bit on initial release.

Again that might be just because of the way I release them but that’s an important factor because if you want something that flies reliably and simply for children to use then you want something that does so without any having to learn any special throwing tricks.

Innova Boss Blizzard Champion

Third is the Innova Boss Blizzard Champion. This is a flying disc, can call it frisbee that holds the current world record for distance throne: 860 3.5 feet!

This is a terrible frisbee for the backyard. It’s heavy, it’s has a very sharp edge so if children are using it they can hurt themselves with it and because of its small surface area it doesn’t fly very far. You really have to hurt. This isn’t intended to be thrown, this is intended to be hurled with the same vigor of say a discus, an Olympic discus thrower.

Discraft X Stratus

Similarly the Discraft X Stratus is designed for hard throws. This is actually intended for high and frisbee golf. You have to throw this a little too hard and it doesn’t go very far for backyard use.

aerobie superdisc

Number five is the Aerobie Superdisc. It has a soft rubber edge so it’s a little bit safe. It’s supposed to have a special aerodynamic profile on it so that it flies better. It has more weight relative to its total weight on the outside.

The inside is very light and thin and this tends to fly very well, very level. And it hovers well so you get a lot of air time out of each throw. I like this one a lot!

aerobie ultra flying

Here’s another Aerobie, this is a 12 incher, tends to be a little bit heavy. You have to throw it a little hard but the reflectors on the top of it will create a flashing effect which a lot of kids will like. These are also very easy to catch.

aerobie pro

And here we have the Aerobie Pro this is a flying ring. A very interesting thrower, has a very thin profile, very soft edge. It’s easy to catch but you have to throw this a little bit harder than the regular frisbees because it doesn’t have anything in the middle to support it.

All the lift it gets is from the to the leading edge and trailing edge at this is kind of dangerous for the backyard because it’s has a very nonlinear response. If you throw it a little too soft it falls short fairly quickly. If you throw it just a little bit harder it’ll sail like a goal, I mean it is very easy to lose this over a wall and into the neighbor’s yard. But it does fly very straight and it is very easy to catch.


The final results are: Tony(accompanied me while testing these frisbees) preferred the Discraft. He said it had a good weight, good feel and he felt that he could lean into it and get a better throw.

I prefer the feel and the throw ability of the 10 inch Aerobie but i like the flight of the 12inch better. This seems to hang in the air longer, it’s also larger so it’s easier to see.